BYEU Weekly Newsletter – 9/25/17-9/29/17

BYEU Weekly Newsletter

Bernardo Yorba Middle School Instrumental Music Weekly Newsletter


The most successful students have involved parents.

“BYEU Weekly Newsletter” is a weekly email to all families involved in the Bernardo Yorba instrumental music program. It contains vital information about our program that will help you plan ahead and stay informed. Look for it every weekend so you know what will be expected during the week.  PLEASE mark it so it does NOT go into your junk/spam mail folder. If you know another family involved in the instrumental music program, please check if they are receiving the weekly emails.


WWW.BYMSMUSIC.ORG – this is your source to find out what is happening as well as the weekly email.   All flyers with performance information will be posted on the website as well.

CONTACT INFO – Please make sure we have your updated contact information! This helps us make sure to get pertinent information directly to you. Our primary method of communication is through email. Fill out the form in the link below.

Contact Info:


CONTACT THE DIRECTOR – the best way to contact me is email at


INSTRUMENT DROP OFF- The band room is open TuesdayFriday at 7:15 a.m. for students to drop off their instruments before school.


FAIR SHARE REMINDER Just a friendly reminder that if you have not turned in your Fair Share donation along with a blue paper, to please do so soon. Orchestra students may either pay the Intermediate or Advanced amount now and then we can settle up any changes depending on which groups the students end up in.



The schoolwide policy at BYMS is that phones are to be turned off and put away unless teachers instruct students otherwise (Code of Conduct: ) There have been several instances this week where students have been asked several times to put away their cell phones as they are disruptive and distracting during class. If a phone is confiscated, it is sent to the office for the day and must be picked up by the parent, per BYMS policy. Many students have tuner apps or metronome apps on their phone, which is wonderful! However at this time, we are not using those apps during class. Students may be allowed to use their devices on a case-by-case basis. Please remind your student of the school cell phone policy.



Marching Band/Color Guard picture day and parade season are here!  Thank you to everyone who has signed up to volunteer, but we still need more help.  These events are successful because of your help, and it’s a fun opportunity to be with your student behind the scenes.  Signing up is easy!  Please go to the link or email Rosie Franco at to sign-up for volunteer opportunities.



Please help keep our students hydrated by donating water in the form of 16 oz AND 1 gallon bottles.  Water bottles can be dropped off in the band room before or after school.  Thank you for your donations!



This Wednesday we will be taking our annual Marching Band and Colorguard Photo! Order forms went home for Performing Band and Colorguard last week. Students should come to school early – 7:45 a.m. wearing a dark t-shirt, athletic shorts, black socks and their Dinkles. We will wear our uniforms – no hats. If you have long hair, you may wear it down, but it will need to be behind your shoulders. (NOTE: Specific Colorguard instructions are below.)

We will take the group photo first, around 8:30. Performing band students are released from their 0, 1st, and 2nd period classes. Students are responsible for making up work missed in class on Wednesday.

You do not need to purchase a photo but we need everyone to be in the photo.

***DINKLES WILL BE PASSED OUT ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY – a handful of people have still not paid for Dinkles. Please bring your money so we can give you your shoes!

Colorguard members should wear their black leotard, black jazz pants, black socks and black shoes or Dinkles, if they have them. They will go to the band room, put on their jacket and take their picture. Once finished, they can go to the locker room and change into their school clothes for the day. Please have a plastic bag to keep the pants/leotard in to prevent snags.




A Message From Popcornopolis Headquarters:


Let’s Get Poppin!


This Monday during First and Second lunch in the quad, our popping, popular, preferably passive, professional-  Mr. Marshall will shave off 1/4 of his hair.


…that is, once we reach our $4,000 goal!.  As of Saturday morning, we have sold $3,625!!!  Get poppin!  With over 200 students participating, we should easily accomplish our goal.


All orders must be submitted prior to lunchtime.  Kernel C. Saba needs time add up the orders.


Mr. Marshall,fearing for his hair, has  emailed several times asking for an updated number.   His only  He request is that anyone other than  Tina shave his hair on Monday.  Well, naturally we can’t fill that request.


Pop Away BYEU


***Some of you asked if you could just donate money to help us meet our budget needs, instead of participating in the fundraiser.  We will gladly accept donations.  Checks should be made out to “BYEU” and your student’s name and class period should be noted on the check.  Those students who collect $50 or more in donations will also be included in the daily raffle and the total will go towards our $12,000 goal.


JAZZ BAND AUDITION RESULTS will be posted on the outsides of both doors to room 901. Thank you to everyone who came to rehearsals and who auditioned – this was many students’ first audition ever! We will be re-auditioning for the spring semester.



Progress reports come out the first week of October. Students should have the following completed:


All Classes:

  1. Google Classroom Survey/Questionnaire (100 points)

  2. SmartMusic Sign Up (100 points)


Performing Band:

  1. Concert Bb Scale Pass off-submit video in Google Classroom (due 9/25) (50 points)

  2. Attendance at 9/22 rehearsal (20 points)

  3. (Period 1 only) March Memorization: Intro & First Strain (50 points)


Intermediate Band:

  1. Concert Bb Scale Pass off – (50 points)

  2. Open Note Quiz – in class on Friday 9/22 (50 points)


Beginning Band:

  1. Open Note Quiz – in class on Friday 9/22 (50 points)



  1. Audition (50 points) – this is done during class.


REMIND 101 – this is a method of cell phone to cell phone communication without having to share phone numbers. Parents are encouraged to join their student’s class as well  🙂

Either download the app “Remind 101” and sign up there OR text your class code to 81010

Jazz Band – @bymsjazz

Period 1 – @bymsband1  AND @byeu2017

Period 2 – @bymsband2 AND @byeu2017

Period 3 – @bymsband3

Period 4 – @bymsband4

Period 5 – @bymsorch

8TH GRADE BAND STUDENTS If you are planning to go to Yorba Linda High School next year, Mr. Garcia, the band director, has invited you to come play at a high school football game. Please see me for a letter from Mr. Garcia containing the details.



Monday – 9/25  LATE START MONDAY


  • 1st –  Outside

  • 2nd – Outside

  • Beg – Pass back quizzes, learn the first five notes (bring instruments every day this week)

  • Int – Pass back quizzes, New Music

  • Orch – Last day of Auditions

  • Colorguard Practice after school

  • Periods 1, 2, 4 – Bb Scale Pass off and resubmissions due by 11:59 p.m. tonight – Mrs. Neumayr is not available after school today.

Tuesday – 9/26

  • JAZZ – First day of normal rehearsal – 7:45 a.m. downbeat – EARLY IS ON TIME, ON TIME IS LATE

  • 1st & 2nd – Outside

  • Beg – The first five notes cont’d

  • Int – New Music/Imperium

  • Orch – First day of Int/Adv Orch placements (basses-work with Mr. Martelle)

Wednesday – 9/27   PICTURE DAY – MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD – 7:45 a.m

  • JAZZ – No jazz due to picture day

  • 1st & 2nd – Picture day

  • Beg – The first five notes cont’d / pass out Tradition of Excellence

  • Int – Pass out Tradition of Excellence / Imperium

  • Orch – TBD

  • Colorguard Practice after school


  • JAZZ – Regular rehearsal – 7:45 a.m. downbeat – EARLY IS ON TIME, ON TIME IS LATE

  • 1st & 2nd – Outside

  • Beg – Books/the first five notes

  • Int – Books/music

  • Orch – TBD

Friday – 9/29

  • JAZZ – Regular rehearsal – 7:45 a.m. down beat – EARLY IS ON TIME, ON TIME IS LATE

  • 1st – Outside/Flying Cadets Pass Off (Intro & First Strain)

  • 2nd – Outside

  • Beg – Books/the first five notes

  • Int – Books/music

  • Orch – TBD

  • After School: (Optional) YLHS Football Game for 8th Grade Band Students – see me for info


Looking Ahead

September 27th, 7:50 a.m. – BYEU Marching Band & Colorguard Photo

October 6th, 3:20-5:00 p.m. – Period 1 and Colorguard after school rehearsal

October 7th – Tustin Tiller Days Parade (Period 1 and Colorguard)

October 13th, 3:20-5:00 – Period 1, Period 2 and Colorguard after school rehearsal

October 14th – Placentia Heritage Parade

CANCELLED – October 28th – Loara Band Review

November 1st – PYLUSD 41st Annual District Band Pageant (Period 1, Period 2, Colorguard)

November 3rd, 3:20-5:00 p.m. – Period 1 and Colorguard after school rehearsal (tentative)

November 4th – Baldwin Park Parade (Period 1 and Colorguard)

November 16th – BYEU Marching Band & Colorguard to Disneyland

December 14th – BYMS Instrumental Music Program Winter Concert


This program operates with your continued support and enthusiasm for your student’s participation in music.


Rose Love Neumayr

Rose Love Neumayr

Instrumental Music Teacher
Bernardo Yorba Middle School