NOVEMBER 1ST, 2017, 7:00 P.M.—BRADFORD STADIUM (@ Valencia H.S.)
Students can go home if you wish, but you must be back at school to get dressed by 4:30 p.m.
3:25 – Study Hall
4:10 – Pizza in MPR
4:30 – Bring belongings to MPR to change (see below) / get dressed
5:10 – Depart BYMS for Bradford Stadium
5:30 – Arrive at Bradford Stadium for rehearsal
7:00 – Show Starts
Massed Band – Star Spangled Banner & Spirit of America
HS Drumline
Parade Performances
HS Field Show Performances
9:30 – Back at Bernardo (approximate) GO DIRECTLY TO MPR TO CLEAN UP
Instrument & Case put away
Hat in box, put away
Jacket & pants hung up correctly
Red BYMS Band T-Shirt (you may wear to school during the day)
BYMS Black drawstring bag
long black socks
dark shorts for under pants
Instrument, lyre, flip folder
Instrument Case
Flip Folder & Lyre
Hat Box
Shoes & socks
This evening features our district’s middle school and high school marching programs. Each band will parade the stadium, all students will play the two massed-band songs, and then, the high school bands will perform their field shows. Tickets cost $5.00 if purchased in advance from one of our band or color guard members. (Money from ticket sales goes to our BYEU Booster account.) Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $6.00. (Money for tickets purchased at the gate goes to the district music account.) Students should turn in their tickets and/or money by November 1st. (Everyone received 5 tickets to sell. You do not need to sell all of them, but must turn in unsold tickets. If you still need more, see Mrs. Neumayr.)
Come to school that day with your red band t-shirt on. Bring a well-marked bag that has your marching band shoes, black socks, and your correct shorts in it. Take your instrument, hat box and uniform bag with you to the MPR before you eat. Get dressed there AFTER you eat. Leave all “containers” at your chair when you head to the buses.
We will have a study hall beginning at 3:25 p.m. We will be feeding you pizza after the study hall (at approximately 4:10). You will not be allowed to go to the concession stand at the event. You need to watch the high school performances. You must ride the bus back to Bernardo after all performances are finished. There are many things that need to be put away that evening when you get back to school.
You will need your lyre and flip-folder for your music that night, unless you’ve memorized the massed-band songs. (We will be returning lyres and flip-folders during band the next day.) Please put your name on the music in the flip-folder. We will collect these after the rehearsal that night. You will parade the stadium without your flip-folder. When you get to your spot on the football field, we will hand out your flip-folders. If your name isn’t on it in BIG letters, we won’t know who to give the music to.
After our performance is completed, we will place instruments on the ground behind the place where we are sitting. We will put hats underneath our chairs.
If you must use the restroom, our chaperones will take small groups of students over to the restrooms and back. Again, you do not need money because you will not be able to go to the concession stand. We will provide a bottle of water for you when you are seated in your chair. All cell phones will be turned off when we get to Bradford Stadium and can be turned on again after the final high school performance.
(We are asking teachers to please try to plan homework around the Band Pageant, but it is ultimately their decision. No jazz band the next morning!)