Baldwin Park Parade. Sat 11/4


SATURDAY, NOV. 4th, 2017
7:00 – Band Call Time (Eat and drink before coming to school!!)
7:45 – Depart from BYMS
8:45 – Arrive at Baldwin Park
9:30 – Parade Start Time – We are #100 out of 220
11:30 – Walk together to Carnival at Morgan Park (approximate) after changing/watering
1:00 – Awards Ceremony (approximately 45 minutes after end of parade)
2:00 – Depart Baldwin Park
3:00 – Arrive at BYMS (approximate)
IF IT IS RAINING OR MISTING…..always come to school anyway. Often, most of the bands go to the parade because the weather may be wonderful at the parade location at parade time.
THERE ARE FOOD BOOTHS, A CARNIVAL, AND ACTIVITIES AT MORGAN PARK. You will have time to get some food and beverage. You must stay at Morgan Park. You need to be at the awards ceremony at Morgan Park at approximately 1:00 p.m. Bring your food with you to the awards ceremony. Try to sit in a group. (The boosters will supply each of you with a bottle of cold water at the end of the parade. You should bring a sack lunch or some money with you if you plan to eat anything.)
Wear the correct “under the uniform” clothes. PLEASE TAKE TIME AT HOME TO CLEAN UP YOUR SHOES. THE PARENTS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS FOR YOU IN THE MORNING. You will get your uniform and hat when you get to school. Put bibbers on at school. (We’ll put jackets and hats on when we arrive at the parade site.) We will bring hat boxes, hangers and bags, and instruments in cases on the buses. After the parade, you can change clothes if you wish but you must stay in your red t-shirt.” You may want to at least change your shoes.
REMINDERS: No fingernail polish. No jewelry. Hair is up before you come to school. Wipe dust from shoes. Polish your instruments.
THIS IS OUR LAST COMPETITION PARADE OF THE SEASON!! Do whatever you can do to look your very best in your uniform. Double check to make sure you are playing all of the correct notes. Our competition is very good. We need everyone’s top performance!!
Please be on your best behavior, especially at the awards ceremony. Cheer for everyone….you know how hard they have worked. Watch your language. Respect the bus drivers. Bernardo Yorba’s image rests on your shoulders!!! Say “thank you”!!!
Show that Matador Pride!