Information – Marching Band to Disneyland- Nov 16th


Thursday, November 16th, 2017
Behavior Expectations
Before Disneyland trip:
You are in good academic standing and your teachers have not contacted Mrs. Neumayr recommending you stay at BYMS
You are in good behavior standing with Mrs. Neumayr
You check with all of your teachers about homework that you will turn in on Thursday and how to make up missed work. (Hint-ask a non-band buddy to get the notes for you from class).
On the Bus:
Quickly and quietly sit in your assigned seat.
Keep volume to a minimum (i.e. if you are in the back of the bus, people in the front of the bus should not be able to hear you)
Keep hands, arms, feet, legs, heads inside the bus at all times.
Follow instructions given to you by chaperones, bus drivers, and Mrs. Neumayr
If you are playing music, you must wear headphones
No food or drink
Do not throw anything
Remain seated during the entire bus ride. Do not move seats.
At Disneyland:
Do not talk when an adult is talking (Chaperone, Mrs. Neumayr or an employee).
Listen and obey directions given to you by an adult
Do not play your instrument until Mrs. Neumayr says it is okay
Stay in groups of 2 or more at all times
Follow the Yellow Laminated Schedule passed out in class
Help load and unload equipment on and off of the trailer
Pick up after yourself
No cell phones out backstage. No video or photos are allowed.
Remain inside of Disneyland Park. Do not go to Downtown Disney, do not go to California Adventure. Do not exit into the Esplanade (area where we will meet to distribute tickets).
Your behavior is a direct representation of yourself, your band, your school and your community. Disneyland employees are observing you all day long and will not hesitate to call Mrs. Neumayr’s cell phone should you be found misbehaving. Please do not embarrass yourself or your peers by choosing to behave poorly.
Students who do not follow behavior expectations will have one or more of the following happen:
Parents called to pick up from Disneyland
Automatic “U” in citizenship on 2nd Quarter Progress Report
Instrumental Music Field Trip privilege revoked
Any additional consequences deemed appropriate by Mrs. Neumayr, Mr. Valburg & Mr. Marshall
What to wear – current forecast is mid 70’s
Red BYEU T-Shirt
School appropriate pants/shorts. No holes.
Comfortable tennis shoes and socks – you will be walking all day long.
Bring a jacket or sweater – preferably BYMS or red/black/gray/white
Hat & sunglasses (optional)
No makeup, nail polish, jewelry. You will have to remove any watches/jewelry before we perform.
What to bring to school
Homework due in any classes to be turned in before leaving
Black BYEU drawstring bag with your first and last name clearly labeled
Black Dinkles
Black Socks
Shorts for under uniform
Hair accessories for getting hat-ready – this is your responsibility
Purse/small bag for inside of the park
Yellow laminated schedule – passed out on the bus to Disneyland
Money for lunch/snacks/souvnirs
cell phone
sweater/light jacket
Instrument with a filled out RED BYMS Music luggage tag
if applicable
lead pipe
If your parents must pick you up early, OR if your parents will be picking you up to stay in Disneyland past the time we are staying, I must have a written note from your parents by Tuesday, November 14th at 11:59 pm. No Exceptions. You must meet your parents outside of the front gate – where we distribute tickets in the morning. If you are leaving early, you must appoint someone to bring your instrument off of the trailer and to put it away.


8:00 am – Arrive at BYMS, place instrument in line outside with other like instruments, help load trailer, Homework Delivery/place homework in box
8:10 am – Check in on attendance sheets taped to Exit door. Do not go to your 1st period class, do not check off your friend’s name. ONLY YOUR NAME.
8:20 am – Final loading on the trailer
8:25 am – Load Busses. Check seating chart on Exit Door & Google Classroom
8:30 am – Depart from BYMS
9:10 am – Arrive at Disneyland Resort: Mickey & Friends Parking. Do not leave anything on busses. Take trams as one large group. Meet by Picnic Tables left of Disneyland Park Entrance.
9:45 am – Free time in the park – you must remain inside of Disneyland Park (no California Adventure, no Downtown Disney). You must be in groups of 2 or more at all times.
(10:30 am – Vehicle inspection at Ball Gate)
11:00 am – Meet at bridge by Toontown. DON’T BE LATE. Walk as a group to backstage.
11:10 am – Find uniform bag and bag for clothes. Go to changing rooms. Do not leave anything in changing rooms.
11:20 am – Find your hat and your instrument. Warm up in small groups. Listen for whistle to get into Block.
12:30 pm – Quickly and quietly walk through backstage area to Small World Gate.
12:45 pm – Main Street Performance (start at Small World, end at Train Station)
1:00 pm – Rows of 2: walk quickly and quietly through backstage back to changing rooms. Wait for a parent to de-plume you. Change back into street clothes. Load uniform, instruments, and hats into trailer. Don’t leave anything behind, you will not see it until we return to school.
2:00 pm – Free time in park (enter through ToonTown)
8:30 pm – Leave front gate of Disneyland and turn right. Take tram as a group back to Mickey & Friends parking. Do not take blue Toy Story busses.
8:30-8:45 pm – Check in at busses. You must check in before getting back on your bus.
8:50 pm – Depart Disneyland Resort
9:20 pm – Arrive at BYMS, unload uniforms, hats, instruments. You may not leave until everything is put away.
9:45 pm ish – Dismissed.