Matador Instrumental Music Update (BYEU Weekly Newsletter) 9-24-18

Matador Instrumental Music Updates

Bernardo Yorba Entertainment Unit Weekly Newsletter

Week starting 9/24/18

The most successful students have involved parents.


We have officially launched into the busy season of the school year! Thank you so much to all of our volunteers who have helped alter uniforms and helped at the dance. We are also very grateful for all of the donations we received to sell at the dance. Kids say the first dance of the year has the best snack bar–that is thanks to YOU! We brought in over $1100!

A reminder to encourage your student to spend time practicing their music at home. Playing an instrument is just like weight lifting, healthy eating, brushing your teeth, or any other habit that needs to be formed. Start with a goal of just 5 minutes each day–it does not have to take up all of your free time!

I would also like to take this time to introduce our new BYEU Booster President, Jayme Nguyen! We are very excited to have her on board–if you have any questions, please send Jayme an email at



For an up to date, full year calendar, click here .

(WE=Wind Ensemble, PB=Performing Band, IB=Intermediate Band, BB=Beginning Band, IO=Intermediate Orchestra, AO=Advanced Orchestra, CG=Colorguard, MBC=Wind Ensemble, Performing Band, Colorguard, V=Volunteers needed!)


9/26 Wed          Marching Band & Colorguard Photo Day –MBC V

10/12 Fri           Marching Band & Colorguard After School Rehearsal

10/13 Sat          Placentia Heritage Parade (WE, PB & CG)MBC V

10/22 Mon         BYEU Booster Board Meeting

10/26 Fri           Wind Ensemble & Colorguard After School Rehearsal

10/27                Loara Band Review (WE only & CG) WE & C V



Jazz Band

Audition results will be posted outside of 901 and on Google Classroom after school on Monday. There is a $50 Fair Share for Jazz Band–this includes the performance shirt, tie, and covers expenses such as music, books, festival entry fees and more.


Advanced Orchestra

Seating auditions will occur in class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. See Google Classroom for more info.


Wind Ensemble

Sectional leader applications are due Sunday evening. Students who are interested will also be asked to play On the Street and the Bb scale from memory on Monday morning. Results will be announced on Monday after school, posted on the outside of 901 and Google Classroom.


Performing Band & Wind Ensemble

  • Photo day is THIS WEDNESDAY – see attachment for info. If you are purchasing photos or are taking individual photos, you must bring your order form and money on Wednesday.
  • Your video for On the Street from memory is due this Friday night–11:59 p.m. Do not wait until the last minute to start this. Late videos due to technical issues will not be accepted. Instructions are on Google Classroom.
  • Red Marching Band t-shirts have arrived and will be distributed on Monday. If you ordered an additional shirt, it will be distributed later in the week.


Intermediate Band, Beginning Band, Intermediate Orchestra

Books have been ordered and will be sent home as soon as they arrive.



Please contact Vice President, Mandy McCarthy

Please click on the title of each event to sign up to volunteer!

9/26 Tues          Marching Band & Colorguard Photo Day MBC V

10/13 Sat          Placentia Heritage Parade – MBC



Please contact Ways and Means, Heidi Gibbons

Mixed Bag & Mrs. Fields – 9/24-10/8 Watch for order forms to be sent home with your student on 9/24 — these items make GREAT gifts for the upcoming holiday season, especially for teachers, family friends, and others. Additionally, the Mixed Bags last a VERY long time and are very easy to carry–perfect for when you are at Trader Joe’s or even Costco.




Until we have a Uniform board member, we will need parents to sign up to take charge of uniforms for each event. Duties include ensuring students receive the correct uniform that corresponds with the master list, ensuring students are dressed properly, and managing handing out of hats. Please contact Mandy McCarthy if you are able to help. All events are listed on the calendar.



Please do not wait until the last minute to ask for an extension on a due date.

Assignments and forms are always accepted before the due date.