Matador Instrumental Music Update (BYEU weekly newsletter) 1/28/19

Matador Instrumental Music Updates

Week starting 1/28/19

Bernardo Yorba Entertainment Unit Weekly Newsletter

The most successful students have involved parents.


Marching Band & Colorguard at Knott’s – a huge thank you to everyone for a successful trip to Knott’s! This is the first time BYMS has marched at Knott’s Berry Farm. Students performed well and a great time was had by all. Special thanks to the McCarthy family for trailer hauling, to the Soriano family for their loading/unloading help and to Laura Riegler for checking all of the band uniforms and making necessary alterations in three days. Additional thanks to all of our chaperones who rode the bus, helped load and unload, and helped supervise kids on this trip–these events cannot happen without the support and assistance of parent volunteers!

Trailer Tires If you have not heard, our trailer was vandalized last December–our tires were slashed. Thank you to Jayme Nguyen & the BYEU Boosters for taking care of replacing the tires ASAP so we were ready for our trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Congratulations to Tim Wang (violin, Advanced Orchestra), and Evelyn Wu (flute, Wind Ensemble) for auditioning and making it into the All-Southern Honor groups. Students selected for these groups must learn the audition music independently and then pass a rigorous audition, sometimes with up to a thousand other students on their same instrument. They performed over the weekend as part of the SCSBOA Honor Groups. Way to represent BYMS and PYLUSD, Tim and Evelyn–this is a huge honor to be a part of this elite group.

Send In Your Photos! We are collecting photos of events from the year to put on our website. Please email your photos to

Practice Logs are coming again here are some tips to help encourage your student engage in productive and correct practice sessions.

How often? Daily practice is ideal; you should practice at least three times a week minimum. Wind Ensemble, Performing Band, Jazz Band and Advanced Orchestra students will often require more time. Some students will practice only after school, which is fine; others will practice only on weekends, some have set days to take their instrument home (such as when they get a ride, etc.)

How long? Shorter, regular practice sessions will be more effective than fewer longer ones. Practice sessions should last at least 20 minutes. 30 minutes is a good amount if you practice at least 4 times each week. More importantly, practice to reach set goals (that you have written down), rather than just for a specific amount of time.

When to practice? Set a regular time each day, as you should with all homework, to practice (maybe leave playing your instrument as a reward for completing or break from other homework). Some students choose to practice their instrument in the band room after school. The band room is open most days until 4:00 (often later) so you may practice and receive help, if needed.

What to practice? You should always start your practice session by warming up for 3-6 minutes, followed by playing some exercises/lines from your book that focus on improving your technique. You should then move on to review what you worked on in class that day, and then work on any music that was assigned for the next day Save something you really enjoy playing for the end of your practice session. Always take time in practice to slowly go over problem sections in your music – this saves a great deal of time in rehearsal. Remember – “practice” time is the time to work on your individual problems; “rehearsal” time is our group time – effective practice will lead to more fun in rehearsals!

Where to practice? Examples of good places would include the band room, your bedroom, a quiet spot outside, your garage – anywhere where you have a place to set up your instrument and music without distractions.



Please contact Ways and Means, Heidi Gibbons

2/13 Dine Out Night @ Chipotle

COMING SOON – SEE’S CANDY & MRS. FIELDS  in time for SPRING BREAK. Information to follow.


For an up to date, full year calendar, click here .

Mark your calendars–many of these events have mandatory attendance.

2/11 Mon NO SCHOOL – Lincoln’s Birthday

2/13 Wed Fairmont Elementary Concert @ BYMS MPR

2/18 Mon NO SCHOOL – Presidents Day

2/21 Thurs Glenknoll Elementary Concert @ BYMS MPR

2/21 Thurs Woodsboro Elementary Concert @ Woodsboro

2/25 Mon Booster Board Meeting

2/26 Tues Glenview Elementary Concert @ Glenview

2/26 Tues 8th Grade Info Night for Yorba Linda HS Band & Colorguard

3/1 Fri Jazz @ Western States Jazz Festival

3/6 Wed WE/PB Combined Dress Rehearsal, periods 1-2

3/9 Sat Jazz @ Aztec Jazz Festival

3/13 Wed WE/PB/AO Pre-Festival Concert @ PYLUSD PAC 5-8 p.m.

3/19 Tues Jazz & Adv. Orch @ 6th Grade Parent Showcase 5:30-7:30 p.m.

3/20 Wed 8th Grade Info Night for Esperanza HS Band & Colorguard

3/26 Tues WE & PB at SCSBOA Festival @ PYLUSD PAC (during school day–time TBA)

3/27 Wed Adv Orch at SCSBOA Festival @ PYLUSD PAC (during school day–time TBA)

4/13 Sat Jazz @ Route 66 Jazz Festival

4/27 Sat Jazz @ Katella Jazz Festival

4/29 Mon Area Night Performance – Advanced Orchestra

5/1 Wed Area Night Performance – WE/PB, Jazz Band

5/13 Mon Jazz @ Open House Performance

5/22 Wed Jazz Big Band Blowout Dress Rehearsal @ EHS Band Room

5/23 Thurs Jazz @ Big Band Blowout with EHS Jazz & guest artist