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The most successful students have involved parents.


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Concert Band & Percussion has been invited to perform at BYMS’s Veterans Day Ceremony on Tuesday, November 12th. See attached info sheet. Call time 8:00 a.m., wear your Black Polo shirt.

Friday – Marching Band & Colorguard at Knott’s SEE INFO SHEET If your student is getting picked up from Knott’s Berry Farm, a note in writing (email or handwritten) is due by Wednesday, 11/13, 11:59 p.m. The following information is required:

Name of student

Name of adult & relationship to student who will be checking them out

Time of check out (must be before 5:00 p.m.)

Cell phone # of adult who is checking them out

No students will be released unless the responsible adult is present. Your student’s safety is my top priority. 

Optional Knott’s Berry Farm Performances – Jazz Band & Orchestra We have been accepted to take a group of students to perform at Knott’s Berry Farm! This is an “extra” trip and is not required to attend for a grade. In order to attend, students will need to provide their own admission. There are two options for this:

  1. Bring in proof of Knott’s Berry Farm season pass – will be photocopied per request of Knott’s Berry Farm
  2. Purchase a discount ticket through BYEU for $35.00

We will be performing music that will be featured at our Winter Concert as well as some additional songs. Students who attend will miss all day of school and are responsible for making up missed work.

Please bring money or your season pass (to be copied) by

  • Jazz & Orch by Thursday, December 5th

Jazz Band & Orchestra – Friday, December 13th



Concert Band, Performing Band, Percussion, Orchestra

  • Black BYMS Instrumental Music polo shirt (provided)
  • Black dress pants – no jeans, leggings, sweatpants, etc. Dickies pants are a great option.
  • Skirt — ladies may choose to wear a floor length, solid black skirt. No part of the skirt may be a different length.
  • Shoes – closed toe, black dress shoes. Dinkles are a great option. No tennis shoes, Vans, boots, or sneakers allowed.
  • Socks – solid black. Black stockings/knee highs/dress socks ok for ladies.

Chair Tests are coming up – Tuesday, November 12th

  • CB – Gold Book, IV #7
  • PB – Gold Book, IV #3
  • Perc – White Book, p 13, #4
  • IB – Bb Scale & Arpeggio (TOE page 40)


Please contact Cara Melendez (waysandmeans1@bymsmusic.org) or Anna Ordorica (waysandmeans2@bymsmusic.org


Please contact Colette Smith viceprez@bymsmusic.org 


Volunteer Time

12/13 Knott’s (Jazz & Orchestra)  https://bit.ly/2NdAqYL


  • Info Sheet – Orchestra Photo Day
  • Info Sheet – Knott’s Marching Band Fall 2019
  • Info Sheet – Knott’s Jazz & Orchestra 2019
  • Info Sheet – Veterans Day Ceremony

Send In Your Photos! We are collecting photos of events from the year to put on our website. Please email your photos to admin@bymsmusic.org 


For an up to date, full year calendar, click here .

Mark your calendars–many of these events have mandatory attendance.

11/12 Tues Veterans Day Ceremony (CB & PERC)

11/13 Wed Photo Day – Orchestra

11/13 Wed BYEU Booster Meeting 7:00 @ BYMS room 901

11/15 Fri Marching Band & Colorguard @ Knott’s

12/4 Wed WINTER CONCERT – All Groups

12/12 Thurs JAZZ NIGHT OUT – Count Meets the Duke concert (more info soon)

12/13 Fri Jazz & Orchestra @ Knott’s

 Info Sheet – Orchestra Photo Day 2019
 Info Sheet – Knott’s Marching Band Fall 2019
 Info Sheet – Knott’s Jazz & Orchestra 2019
 Info Sheet – Veterans Day 2019— 
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