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This is the FINAL 2019 newsletter! See you in 2020 for more Matador Instrumental Music Updates!

Week Wrap Up – WOW what a week! I am incredibly honored and humbled by all of the birthday wishes, cards and gifts that I received last week! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I am so lucky to have spent it with awesome students. 

We had a great turn out of BYMS students at the Count Meets the Duke Concert. Those students were able to experience a performance put on by some of PYLUSD finest musicians.

Jazz Band & Orchestra had a great day and performance at Knott’s Berry Farm–a HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers, chaperones, loading crew and students for making the day run smoothly!

Practice Winter Break is coming, and I think we are all very much looking forward to a well-deserved period of rest, HOWEVER, it is important for students to continue to play their instruments over the break! Playing just a few minutes each day (I’m talking even 5 minutes) will help students maintain their muscle memory and keep reinforcing musical concepts learned up until this point. Encourage your student to perform their favorite piece or line in their book for their family over the break. 

Looking to upgrade your student’s instrument? Gift giving season is upon us, and what a great time to upgrade the instrument your student uses every day. A note of caution, however, that it is important to invest in a high-quality instrument now, that will last longer than a few months or a year. There are many brands that produce low-quality instruments that break easily and frequently. Many repair shops will even turn away instruments that continue to break because the repair costs eventually add up to more than the instrument value. A good rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing instruments from anywhere you can also purchase toilet paper or groceries! If you need some brand recommendations, please contact Mrs. Neumayr. Additionally, any of the recommended materials on this list will make a fantastic gift.

Jazz Band Auditions – 3rd Quarter

Re-auditions will be occurring during class Tuesday-Friday. All students who are interested in being in Jazz Band will complete a brief audition to determine placement in the ensemble. Students are required to be enrolled in band or orchestra during the day with Mrs. Neumayr in order to audition. We will be preparing for 3-4 adjudicated festivals/clinics that will occur on Saturday mornings. Students must be available to attend these events, attendance will be part of the grade. Please see attachment for more information.

Sub Plans – This Week Mrs. Neumayr is in Chicago Tuesday-Saturday for the Midwest Clinic (Band & Orchestra conference). Students will have a substitute teacher and all plans will be posted on Google Classroom. All sub rules apply.


Please contact Cara Melendez (waysandmeans1@bymsmusic.org) or Anna Ordorica (waysandmeans2@bymsmusic.org

January 2nd – BYEU Family Movie Day to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Tickets on sale at lunch on Monday, 12/16. Bring signed permission slip.


Please contact Colette Smith viceprez@bymsmusic.org 



Send In Your Photos! We are collecting photos of events from the year to put on our website. Please email your photos to admin@bymsmusic.org 


For an up to date, full year calendar, click here .

Mark your calendars–many of these events have mandatory attendance.

Jan 2 Thurs BYEU at the Movies

Feb 13 CB, PERC, Jazz, Orch Elementary Tour (tent.)

 Jazz Band Audition Info Spring 2020
 BYEU Movie Night (2).pdf
 BYEU Star Wars Permission Slip 2020— 
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